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Sustainable Energy Innovations.


Developing Sustainable Energy Projects for a Changing Industry

Headquartered in Grande Prairie, Alberta. SEI Energy has been addressing and meeting the needs of a changing energy sector. Like streaming services replaced rental stores and online retail replaced the big box stores, Sustainable hybrid micro-grid power solutions are replacing the old methods of getting power generation. SEI are the experts at combining Natural Gas, Solar, Batteries and other power generation methods in order to meet our customers end use power generation needs.

We promise we can provide the cheapest levelized cost of power generation for your site. With our modeling software we can optimize custom solutions to any generation problem. We can also offer different purchasing options to suit a customer’s needs. From direct sales of the entire system and construction to utility model where you only pay for the power consumed at a set rate per kW.

SEI is a complete project development company, from initial planning, to transport, construction and operations. SEI has its own small fleet of trucks/trailers and heavy equipment to build any size project. When combined with our technology patents, modelling software, economic planning and development side of the company we can completely handle all aspects of development in house, this gives us a unique industry competitive advantage to ensure our customers always get the lowest cost of energy production.




Watson Lake, Yukon. Merritt, BC. Grande Prairie, AB.


General Email for information:

Logistics challenges, Oil and Gas: Chace Barber (250) 280 2997

Energy Development projects: Eric Little
(867) 536 5053


Areas of Operations

Solar farm development

With several large scale solar projects underway; SEI is committing to lowering the levelized cost of electricity production by the addition of solar power to any pre-existing electrical grid. With our own patented racking system technology we can guarantee to lowest install cost for solar on any remote or large scale site.


SEI has its own trucks, this is so we can manage our own supply chain but also offer full in house logistics services to our customers. Running lowbed, highboy and winch tractors we have the right equipment to get your equipment to you.

Solar skid sales and rentals

The patented solar skid is the most cost effective solution to providing power to any permanent or temporary site. Ask about long or short term solutions for your power needs. Each Skid provides up to 8.6kWh of power and has the option of having a battery backup for full-time energy consumption at prices similar to traditional on site generator power.

PPA agreements

If you're setting up an electrical power system to generate income from a power purchase agreement we can assist the project development from forming Joint Ventures, creating PPA agreements with utility companies to construction of the project.

Natural Gas energy

Much cheaper than onsite diesel power generation, SEI can produce electricity with natural gas. This includes; taking economically stranded gas, turning it into electricity on site, to sell to the grid. This turns natural gas that would otherwise be trapped into economically viable production.

Grid optimization planning

Have an existing micro-grid but want to lower your power costs or planning a new project? SEI are experts in using modelling software to figure out the most cost effective solutions to your power generation taking into account all production, consumption, logistics and economics variables.


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


Let's Chat.

If you have a need for improved energy generation, want to develop a new project, optimize current production or need something hauled please feel free to call, email or text us anytime. This is what we love to do and would be more than happy to help. Even if you just talk want to ask about our projects/trucks we are happy to tell you more.

For job opportunities, please email us your resume to We are always looking for new and exceptional talent to lead the firm into bettering relations with customers, and the future.